Team of Advisors program

It’s a patient-only panel created by PatientsLikeMe that helps bring the patient voice to the forefront of health care. The Team of Advisors are an innovative group that work directly with PatientsLikeMe on a range of projects throughout the year, raising their voices to highlight the patient experience and to empower other members.

Who are the Team of Advisors?

The PatientsLikeMe Team of Advisors sat down to rethink what it means for patients to be partners.

The 9 members of the 2019 Team of Advisors shared their best tips for how members can make the most of their medical appointments.

The Team of Advisors developed a guide that outlines new standards for how researchers can meaningfully engage patients in a virtual way.

Team of Advisors projects

The Team of Advisors created an advocacy guide for members that are interested in doing more in their communities. 

10-15 new members are selected annually to serve for one year. Anyone in the PatientsLikeMe community is open to apply and we look for a range of backgrounds and experiences on the Team. Applications to join the Team open each fall.

All advisors will join us at our headquarters in Cambridge, MA for a kick-off meeting to start their year on the team. Advisors will commit 3-5 hours a month working on individual and group projects, including bimonthly conference calls over the course of the year. All members of the team will need to commit to keeping an up-to-date PatientsLikeMe profile and strive to embody the PatientsLikeMe Openness Philosophy by sharing their stories publicly with the community and beyond.

The Team of Advisors help guide PatientsLikeMe in making the community experience the best it can be, and they get involved in their communities to influence the culture in a positive way. As the experts on the patient experience, they share their thoughts and opinions, and advise on projects throughout the year for PatientsLikeMe and our partners.

Helping put patients first

How can I get involved?

Meet some members of the Team of Advisors

Meet Paul from the 2018 Team of Advisors and learn more about his fight against ALS.

Meet Paul

Meet Ashley from the 2019 Team of Advisors and learn more about her journey with Major Depressive Disorder.

Meet Ashley

Meet Melinda from the 2018 Team of Advisors and her dog Dixie. Learn more about her journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Meet Melinda

Meet John from the 2016-2017 Team of Advisors and learn why he is #MoreThan MS

Meet John

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