We know you are more than your disease. And together, we're the answer.

You've already taken the steps to be informed, to be educated, to fight for a better quality of life and thrive with your condition, to stand up and advocate for your own health and better outcomes. For more than a decade, people like you have been our partners, pioneering the future of personalized medicine with our digital health learning system of 600,000+ members tracking, sharing and learning about 2,800+ conditions. And together, we have established the patient voice and real-world evidence as a pillar of medical advancement.

But what if we could go even further? What if you could join with a select group of other patients like you to advance personalized health and be the catalyst for meaningful change in healthcare? You can.

It's called DigitalMe   .


DigitalMe     will combine multiple sources of health data to build a virtual you.






Based on your condition, what we're seeing across conditions, and what we're learning from the data – we'll choose from the most advanced scientific resources available today like machine learning to examine your RNA and DNA, your proteins, antibodies, microbiome and metabolites. We're stretching the limits of breakthrough technologies to find answers.

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Watch this video and take the first steps towards your DigitalMe  .


Your dedication

This technology is not yet widely available, but we want to invest and partner with you, to help make this more affordable and available to everyone in the future.

It will not cost you a thing. Be ready to answer our questions and have your blood drawn, especially when something changes, like you experience a new symptom or you change your treatment.

Our promise to you is to be honest, open and transparent.

Our promise

We will secure your data, and we hope to give back information as fast as we can, but in the meantime, we're going to work to develop the tools and resources to better manage your health.

There's a small chance that what you contribute may help you directly, but we will continue to learn from each other along the way. The goal is to advance what is known about disease, health and aging, and continue building a health learning system that can give people a better quality of life for longer.

We know you're more than your disease. Together, we are the answer.

Meet our members

Living with a serious illness can sometimes feel like a losing battle and that you're alone. You are not alone. Meet some of our members and hear why they are more than their disease.


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